24 Hour Express is the premier courier service in the Salt Lake and surrounding  area. We were founded on a simple philosophy, Make It Happen!

Whether you have 1 delivery or 20, our network of drivers make it possible to have  everything delivered the same day, even if you call up until 1:30 p.m..

24-hour-express-custoomer-serviceIn May of 2004, the beginning of 24 Hour Express was started with one cargo van and the desire to build from the ground up, the best courier business in the state of Utah. We wanted to build a business that was founded on the principles of hard work, and dedication to always providing the best service at the best price possible for our customers. Beau Bilbro is the founder and the current president of the company and is involved in the day to day operations of the company. 24 Hour has seen tremendous growth over the last few years which has enabled us to offer more services to our customers. A lot of the growth that we have seen is from formulating a great of team of both office staff and drivers. Leading that team is the VP of the company, Cody Bilbro, Casey Bilbro and Carol Bilbro.

We have continued to be innovative and creative with the technology and the methods of our delivery system. With this and the constant training of our employees, we feel we have an edge on our competition in our marketplace and is the reason we have been able to grow our business to what it is currently at today.